“Mastering FP&A Excellence: Essential Strategies for Senior Finance Leaders to Drive Change and Ensure Continuity in Turbulent Times.”

We recently hosted some Sydney and Melbourne CFO Lunches on behalf of Jedox where we discussed….

Inflation and other economic conditions have brought about uncertainty across all industries in today’s economic climate. Finance professionals play a vital role in leading their companies and utilizing their financial planning and analysis (FP&A) tools and processes to adapt to this environment while maintaining profitability and continuity.

Finance leaders, as the principal stewards of capital, are supported by competent teams to monitor capital movement. While the finance function progresses, the focus now lies on looking towards the future. FP&A units are now the drivers of change in not just finance, but the entire organization, and therefore, they receive critical attention.

FP&A plays a crucial role in helping organizations adapt to economic uncertainties while ensuring profitability in a volatile business environment. External drivers, macroeconomic forecasting, and financial best practices are among the value imperatives that finance professionals must pay attention to. Analyzing FP&A trends helps anticipate future challenges and opportunities.

We had a discussion on the role, future, and best practices of FP&A in driving organizational resilience in a volatile business environment and the evolving function of finance in an organization as we discuss.

  • External drivers and impact of inflation on industries.
  • FP&A processes for future planning and scenario modelling.
  • Financial practices for agility and resilience in volatile environments.
  • The role and future of FP&A in organizations, including factors that influence value imperatives, trend analysis, and future forecasts.

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