Modern Data Experience – Simple, Sustainable & Easy Management of Data – Business Insights driving a Modern Data Infrastructure

It’s been a pleasure to host 6 Virtual Roundtables across ASEAN, ANZ, and India for Pure Storage. Over the course of these session, we have an average of 7 to 8 Data Leaders attend each event to discuss the below.

It’s an interesting time for big data analytics. As customers move from Data Warehouses to Data Lakes,  we’re approaching the end of the Hadoop hype cycle.  Businesses are now faced with a new (hybrid/multi) cloud reality, real-time data analysis, and looking to accelerate the promise of AI from the lab to production.  

Finally, being at the centre of AI revolution, big data needs a next-gen storage solution as businesses start realising the business benefits of AI. Modern data experience powers the AI data pipeline at every stage scales performance if necessary, reduces deployment risk, and adapts without rearchitecting.

A growing number of enterprises are looking at a simple cloud consumption model for storage infrastructure to support the new age data analytics and AI initiatives. 

These trends are all driving a renewed focus on infrastructure—in particular, storage infrastructure—as a critical enabler for enterprise-scale real-time business insights and customer experience.  

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