“Navigating A Modern People-Centric Approach to Information Protection.”

It was a real pleasure to work with Lucia Milica the Global CISO of Proofpoint who kicked off a Sydney CISO Lunch Roundtable with….

With today’s remote and hybrid work environment, the reality is that data isn’t bound by the traditional perimeter; people are the new perimeter. In this session, we will examine the biggest challenges security leaders face, and why a people-centric approach to information protection is everyone’s biggest opportunity to better protect their organisation.​

We discussed:

·         How remote work and the move to the cloud have changed the nature of data risks

·         The ways in which organisations are building controls to better understand and protect their employees​

·         The impact of changing behaviours, employee culture, and workplace environment on people’s risk​

·         How today’s threats are informing your data protection practices/controls

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