“Navigating Digital Fraud & Cyber risks to protect your business.”

Great hearing from Richard Metcalfe – VP APJ – Transmit Security and a large group of CISOs, CIOs, and CROs across Singapore, Sydney, and Melbourne all discussing….

As security threats are becoming more pervasive at all business levels, cyber-attacks against your immediate customers are also rapidly expanding. Risk management must evolve from being reactive and business-centric to one that takes a stronger, proactive approach that covers your entire digital estate, particularly your customer identity, and access management functions.

Taking action includes moving to state-of-the-art, phishing-resistant MFA, through FIDO-based password-less biometrics. Utilise immersive contextual security, progressive profiling, continuous risk, and trust assessment, and document verification and identity proofing to detect threats in real-time, as they occur.

Leverage both threat intel and trust insights to strongly identify legitimate customers. Lower friction for your real customers, increasing valid business engagement and activity, whilst applying strong security countermeasures against the detected cyber-criminal activity.

We discussed:

  • Proactive risk management strategies.
  • Utilising insights to quickly identify both legitimate, and fraudulent behaviour.
  • Putting Identity at the centre of your security framework without compromising CX.

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