“Network Modernisation Trends in Government.”

It was great to be back in Canberra hosting a Government IT Leaders Lunch on behalf of Ciena. Our group of 20 discussed the below after Jim Westdorp – Principal Technologist – Ciena started the session.

You don’t need us to tell you that the ability to implement a modernised, secure and resilient network in Government agencies often gets mired in outdated resources and budget realities.

The growth of the digital economy is dramatically changing Government service delivery while significant challenges remain around how to optimise existing technology frameworks, modernise network infrastructure and applications, simplify management and create programmable, mission-responsive platforms.

We learned from Jim Westdorp, Principal Technologist for Ciena Government Solutions talks to us about his experience working with US federal government agencies who have addressed these challenges and others such as:

  • Trends in network modernisation and management
  • The move to software-defined networks
  • Opportunities to leverage 5G
  • Cyber security and threats

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