“New world cyber wars – Are you security ready?”

Great to host a CIO & CISO Singapore lunch for Vectra AI. Our speaker Paul Coates – Regional Director, ASEAN – Vectra AI did a great job to keep the conversations on point on the below.

With the changing world environment we now live in, organisations are being faced with new challenges. Criminals are jumping at opportunities to use a global event to launch their own attacks, sophisticated APT actors will attempt to use the smokescreen created by destructive malware to infiltrate targets of interest in a gruelling cyber war. With all that this happening overseas we also must not lose focus on our own networks and security.  

We discussed:

  • How can organisations can reduce the risk associated with nation-state cyber attacks.
  • The growing attack surface across an organisation – networks, hybrid clouds, cloud identity systems, and SaaS applications.
  • Where does AI and machine learning fit in today’s environment.

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