“People Experience: From Trend to Foundational Business Strategy.”

It was a pleasure to host three HR Leaders Lunches in Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne on behalf of SAP SuccessFactors discussing….

People’s experience has been a hot topic over the years and now even more so given the disruption to the labor markets. It has become increasingly clear that employee experience is no longer a universal theme but is foundational to HR strategy. When employees have a positive experience, they are more likely to be engaged and remain with the organisation. Therefore, HR Leaders should consider employees’ experience journeys when developing their organisational design including creating roles and responsibilities that are meaningful to the employee and providing a work environment that is conducive to their success.

In this session, we deep-dived into unique challenges that HR Leaders face today when building holistic people experience strategies:

  • How to build a robust people-centric management pipeline despite talent shortages.
  • Developing unique, individualized career plans for employees at scale.
  • Generational changes between employees, their needs and what does this mean to your business.

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