Platform Engineering: Empowering IT Teams to do more with less.

Thoughtworks hosted a Singapore and Sydney Lunch discussing…

With economic growth slowing down, budgets shrinking and a shortage of top tech talent, today’s engineering organizations are tasked with delivering more than ever before, with less.

Surveys show developers typically only spend 30-40% time on developing features, with significant time going toward administrative tasks, finding information, context-switching and delays. Reducing this friction by 20% can equate to over $10 million in engineering cost reductions annually for a 500-person engineering organization. 

In this session we will discuss how elite organizations and leaders invest in platform engineering approaches to improve software delivery productivity, speed and quality. We’ll share our experience and industry practices in eliminating waste, creating reusable capabilities and scaling knowledge and collaboration across the engineering organization.

  1. An introduction to Platform Engineering.
  2. What developer platforms look like.
  3. How to get started.

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