“Prevent Identity Fraud & Risk with deep visibility and real-time measures.”

It was a real pleasure to work with Transmit Security and a group of Security and Risk Leaders in Tokyo, Singapore, Sydney, and Melbourne discussing…..

With the increasing digitisation of Business-to-Customer (B2C) interactions, customers are asked to create and use more and more accounts and passwords. The issue with passwords is that they can easily be stolen and compromised opening the door to new account fraud and account takeover.

For businesses, managing disjointed Customer Identity Access Management services can be costly, time-consuming, and pose security gaps if not optimally designed, implemented, and continuously tuned across the entire customer journey.

It’s time to move away from looking at security retrospectively.

Businesses can quickly transition from simply reacting to threats as they occur, to taking action in real time. How? By implementing measures like:

  • Reduce account opening fraud,
  • Implementing Account Takeover protection,
  • Providing Bot detection,
  • Securing High-Risk Action,
  • Improving customer experience.

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