Process Mining for Risk & Compliance

Today we hosted a FSI Singapore Virtual Roundtable for Signavio. It was great to hear from our moderator Tiger Pillay – Principal Consultant from Avadeen Consulting on the below content.

Rapid change is set to intensify in 2020 as innovation continues to impact and transform financial services in Singapore. Discussions will increase the execution of innovation both globally and on a local scale, while Finance must navigate regulations.

How can Singapore’s finance and banking institutions best deliver a differentiated customer experience while keeping costs down?

Key topics from the rapidly changing banking landscape discussed: Leverage Signavio Process Intelligence to assess process execution with a compliance perspective.

Learn how process mining enables you to analyse your processes in real-time. Better understand global perspectives and local implications for navigating regulations while restoring trust.

Understand how process mining stabilizes financial confidence in the age of neo-banks.

Unlock regulatory processes across prudential and supervisory frameworks.

Connect with consumer behaviors and expectations that shape the new digital agenda.

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