Putting Digital Transformation into practice in 2020

Today we hosted a Virtual Roundtable for Red Hat with 15 CIO’s from across KL & Manila. Our moderator Benjamin Henshall General Manager South East Asia kicked off the session with the below.

Rethinking Digital Transformation with a new Harvard Business Review (HBR) assessment study with Data that Examines the Culture and Process Change Imperative in 2020, in this session, we will have an open discussion on what will be a guiding strategy that aligns executives for project success, the big picture.

Every company’s priorities for digital transformation are different, but there is one issue many companies have in common. A recent survey from HBR Analytic Services (HBR) states that 95% of executives believe that digital transformation has grown in importance over the past 2 years, but only 20% rate their digital transformation efforts as effective.

While many leaders have a vision for their organization, knowing what to do is not the same as knowing how to do it. In this virtual event, we’ll offer real-world practices, use cases, and success stories that you can apply to your own teams or organizations to improve collaboration, gain competitive advantage, and accelerate the development of innovative new products.

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