Putting Your Data First: Securing the lifeblood of your organization and minimizing the impact of a data breach when it occurs

Our Singapore breakfast Roundtable for 19 of Ubiq Security’s target accounts was well received.

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Announced earlier this year by the Singapore government, the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) requires notification to the PDPC of a data breach within 72 hours if it involves personal data of more than 500 individuals. Introduction of these guidelines are forcing organizations to rethink their current security efforts and to take on a data-first approach. What does this actually mean and what type of actions can be taken without significant disruption to both internal users and customer experience. 

Ubiq Security discussed these important issues:

  • Understanding the scope and implications of legislation such the PDPA for your organization 
  • How encryption technologies can help minimize business impact and potential repercussions 
  • How to balance business and security requirements 
  • How the scope will expand as your organization adopt newer technologies including IoT 

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