“Reducing the Critical Infrastructure Attack Surface with Universal Privilege Management”

It was a pleasure to host a Melbourne CISO Lunch for BeyondTrust with Claire Pales as the moderator discussing….

The recent Colonial Pipeline cyber-attack, which forced the closure of the organisation’s networks following the theft of 100GB of data and subsequent payment of $5 million, has reinforced the need for critical infrastructure operators to look at ways to harden their cyber defences.

For those tasked with managing the security within their organization, a key challenge is managing the explosion of privileges across your enterprise.

Across a widening attack surface that includes on-premise, cloud, OT and more, that job is becoming more difficult as the number of privileged accounts and users continues to rapidly grow.

However, with a Universal Privilege Management approach, security can manage and secure every privilege, every time across all platforms and architectures.

We explored the topic of managing and controlling privileges in critical infrastructure environments and you will:

  • Discuss how Universal Privilege Management disrupts the cyberattack chain with privileged access security controls
  • Learn how unifying your entire privilege universe drastically reduces the attack surface and windows of exposure
  • Hear real world examples of Universal Privilege Management adoption and results

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