“Responding to Supply Chain Disruptions with Integrated Tactical Planning.”

This week we hosted a Supply Chain Leaders Sydney lunch with Stuart Harman – Oliver Wight Asia Pacific and SAP discussing….

The uncertainty of the last couple of years has placed tremendous pressure on supply chains all around the globe. The disruption to supply networks has also put the supply chain leader’s resilience to the test as they kept vital operations running. There is no doubt that a resilient supply chain must have the right processes and systems in place to make decisions quickly and mitigate risk.

So how can you respond to Supply Chain Disruption with Integrated Tactical Planning?

During this lunch to openly discuss how to.

·         Deliver sustainable planning excellence in times of uncertainty.

·         Build a bridge from long-term planning to execution.

·         Leverage control towers across planning and operations.

·         Accelerate time to value with best practices 

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