“Rethinking cloud and container security risk and governance”

We hosted an IT Leaders Melbourne lunch for Sysdig with our group discussing….

Digital disruption has led to a change in how software is being built. Organisations are shifting from monolithic software to microservices, waterfall development to agile, IT development team to Dev(Sec)Ops, and data centers to cloud. 

It is clear that organisations must reinvent how they govern and secure their modern cloud applications. There’s a need for new control points that center around identifying, data and workload, from build, pre-deployment, run-time, and incident response and forensics. 

During the session we discussed:

  • How security organisations are evolving to meet the 3 forces that are reshaping the way we build software (Cloud, microservices and DevOps)
  • How open source is impacting security innovation.
  • The new challenges that organisations now face as they shift security left.
  • Where organisations are in the journey to a new secure DevOps approach

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