“Revolutionizing Your Digital Business Fabric: The Power of Automation, Cloud Innovation, and Generative AI.”

It was a pleasure to work with Kofax and IDC in Sydney, and Singapore with large groups of C-levels discussing the below…

Digital business is becoming firmly woven into the technology and business fabric of organizations worldwide. Automation, Cloud, and generative AI are all key components of the digital business fabric. 

Our speakers Chris Huff, Kofax Chief Growth Officer, and Linus Lai, VP APAC Digital Business, Trust & Enterprise,  IDC started a debate on how these 3 components transform the way businesses operate and interact with their customers. 

During the session, our delegates explored:

  • How automation is being used to address the major trends and challenges facing businesses, including the shift towards digital transformation and increasing regulatory compliance requirements 
  • The benefits of cloud innovation in enabling faster innovation, scalability, and cost reduction for various industries 
  • DX Sustainability – Embracing generative AI and weaving it into data management 
  • Real-world use cases and success stories, including how automation has improved customer experiences, reduced operational costs, and enabled faster time-to-market for new products and services 

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