Role of Business Process Transformation in creating long-term competitiveness

We recently hosted a CFO Sydney Lunch with our speaker Caroline Patton – CEO – Accuteque.

Organisations are faced with ever-changing business and market requirements. In 2008 we saw the Global Financial Crisis and in 2020 we saw the global effects of a pandemic (COVID-19). Both external environmental impacts rocked the world, our businesses, our livelihood and made us all take stock of what matters. Both of which we could not have been foreseen and have been out of our control, making it very difficult to respond. Business Optimisation is critical more than ever, one has little choice but to reimagine the business.

We discussed:

How companies usually respond to situations.

Why Business Process transformation is important.

How Robotic Process Automation & Finance Process Outsourcing act as the two keys enablers for a successful business process transformation.

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