“Scaling a Successful AI Strategy.”

We recently hosted a Bangkok Data and Analtyics Lunch driven by Dataiku discussing…

According to McKinsey, by building machine learning into processes, leading organizations are increasing process efficiency by 30% or more while also increasing revenues by 5%-10%. However, not all organizations are implementing AI and ML as successfully. High performing AI adopters build the critical foundations that allow them to govern and scale their practice for long term success.

During this roundtable, we will be looked into how to successful start, scale, and govern an AI practice:

·  What are the top challenges to AI adoption and what separates high performing adopters from the rest?

·  What are the foundational pillars to build an effective AI strategy and deliver more value to the end customer?

·  What are the challenges and opportunities of moving the data and analytics practice into the cloud?

·  How can your organization best govern your AI projects to scale successfully?

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