“Securing Tomorrow: Insights from 2023 Breaches and Prediction for 2024.”

It was great to have Morey Haber – CSO – BeyondTrust host 18 CISOs and CIOs over a Lunch Roundtable.

We explored the strategies to safeguarding your critical assets in response to the breaches in 2023 and beyond. Key highlights of the event include:

  1. Recap of Notable Breaches in 2023: Analyse notable breaches of the year, gaining valuable insights into the evolving threat landscape and learning from past incidents to enhance your security measures.
  2. Top Cybersecurity Trend Predictions for 2024: Gain privileged access to upcoming cybersecurity trends. Our experts will unveil predictions on the top trends expected in 2024, encompassing emerging threats, technologies and challenges.

This event was an opportunity to gain profound insights, stay ahead of cybersecurity trends, and understand how PAM can play a pivotal role in securing your organization against evolving threats.

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