Security, Simplified. Protecting the New Perimeter by Reducing Password Related Risks.

We recently ran two lunch Roundtables in Sydney and Melbourne with 34 CIO’s and CISO’s. Our host LogMeIn did a great job opening up the conversations on the below.

Remote work isn’t a trend, but a new way for organisations to operate. Identity represents the “new perimeter” and there needs to be more urgency, focus and prioritisation made toward meeting these risks by organisations.

Such thinking is backed by statistics drawn from the likes of the annual Verizon DBIR that regularly show that approximately 80% of breaches are related to credential theft, etc. The OAIC’s Notifiable Data Breach reports regularly highlights brute force attacks, credential theft and phishing as key causes of breaches locally.

But what can be done to mitigate these risks where IT teams are coping with multiple devices, networks, locations and ways of enabling employees to access professional applications?

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