So how you design and build your consumer first banking digital ecosystem could determine your entire future business success in this new world

We hosted two FSI Lunch Roundtables in Sydney and Singapore for Forgerock on the below content recently.

Virtual & Open banking brings with it a seismic industry shift that will have a significant impact on your business strategy, regulatory frameworks, pricing, conduct and fairness and ultimately competition. It will also have a significant impact on your customers, by promoting and accelerating digital innovation that allows better products and services to be developed and establish trust that spans core financial services as well as innovative new services across connected ecosystems providing next-generation digital experiences.

Topics discussed include:

  • The current global state of Open Banking, Virtual Banking and Fintech Disruption
  • Open Banking Strategies benchmarking
  • Core Principles for Designing your Open Banking Ecosystem
  • Consent and trust delivering choice and control for consumers
  • A new model of Consumer-First-Business for Digital Banks
  • Open Banking Developer Benchmark and best practices

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