“Striving for Operational Resiliency Through Automation”

We recently run two ASEAN Virtual Roundtables for CIO’s hosted by Melissa Ries, Vice President, IT Transformation – ServiceNow.

In today’s environment, organizations face increasing risk amid the pandemic and continued economic, geopolitical, and climate change-driven disruption. In response, technology leaders are continuously working to provide efficient ways to control these challenges and ensure that operational resilience is being achieved to manage operational disruptions.

Sustaining operational resiliency requires a proactive, integrated process-oriented approach that can be defined, measured, and actively managed. ACCESS in partnership with ServiceNow is organising the invitation-only roundtable to discuss strategies and options available that allow people, processes, and informational systems to adapt to changing patterns in our business environment.

  1. How is your organization coping with the “next-normal”? Do you have the technology roadmap in place to ensure operational resiliency to enable business continuity?
  2. How can organizations leverage automation to provide operation resilience?
  3. What are the key factors to a successful automation operation resilience?  
  4. What are the different approaches for successful automation operation resilience?  

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