The CIO return to the workplace playbook

We have worked on a series of CIO Virtual Roundtables with Snow Software. Our moderator Alister Pooley – CIO hosted these events in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Singapore, India, and Indonesia discussing the below.

Pandemic” may not have been on the CIO contingency list, but the playbook for resiliency and business continuity stands. CIO’s must respond to the challenge with both short-term and long-term actions to increase resilience and prepare for future profitable growth.

This is a difficult time for organisations as they look to more tightly control costs amid the threat of a recession while still investing sufficiently in technology to remain competitive. But approaching a supplier and simply asking to pay less for the same service is unlikely to be successful and leave you little room to negotiate. However, it does raise the question: what can IT leaders do to successfully streamline spending?

The CIO’s discussed

•         Improving security, lowering maintenance costs and optimising the use of software licenses

•         The most effective IaaS and SaaS purchasing and disposal decisions 

•         Greater automation of asset-related processes, including hardware/software maintenance contracts

•         Higher budgeting accuracy, stronger readiness for asset audits, and more

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