The Data Centre, Cloud Services, and the Edge: Managing The Future of On-premise Infrastructure Technologies

We hosted a very interactive CIO Australia Virtual Roundtable for Digital Realty. Our moderator was Sam Higgins – Principal Analyst at Forrester Research where we discussed.

Enterprises everywhere have flocked to the cloud. This is good news, but don’t misinterpret this trend as the death of the data centre. The data centre will shrink, but it will remain and coexist with many off-premise services and a major thrust at the edge of the hyperscale cloud providers. The result is a more complex landscape of infrastructure choices that need to be unified into a well-engineered and seamless experience in the cloud, at the edge to support innovation, and in your data centres.

Whether the reasons are to preserve legacy applications that won’t migrate to the cloud for security, cost, and other reasons or to execute new workloads for AI-based applications, some enterprise data centre footprint will remain. But the technology categories in the data centre are evolving from the traditional silos to encompass a new generation of computing, storage and network infrastructure. Viewing facility decisions through the old IT lens is no longer enough, firms need to plan for a new generation of facilities that maximizes the opportunities available across an ever-widening front of hybrid and multi-cloud services.

We explored questions such as:

  • What are the adoption and usage trends in enterprise computing across the data centre, cloud, and edge?
  • Why must firms continue to pay close attention to their data centres as part of a hybrid and multi-cloud strategy?
  • How should organisations plan for their next-generation data centre in the context of cloud and edge computing?

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