“The Future of Data in a Multi-Cloud Environment.”

It was a pleasure to host a Sydney and Melbourne IT Leaders Lunch for Cloudera to discuss…

Big Data and data strategy are top of mind for executives. Current predictions are that by 2024 we will be creating 150 zettabytes of data in a year. This data storm creates many challenges. Data is generated, captured, stored, and processed across public cloud, on-premises, and frequently both. The complexity, operational overhead, and integration challenges this bring the need to be carefully considered as part of a successful enterprise data cloud strategy.

Your enterprise data strategy, and how it addresses to use and migration to the cloud,  depends on your business objectives. To future-proof your data architecture, you need a holistic strategy. In Australia, many organisations are opting for a multi-cloud and hybrid environment that provides flexibility, agility, and performance whilst mitigating risk, avoiding lock-in, and spiraling costs.

Whether you already have a cloud strategy in place and are well advanced in your approach or are at the early stages, we discussed:

  1. The evolving data landscape and its impact on those that own and manage it and those that use it.
  2. Critical success factors in achieving a better enterprise data strategy in a multi-cloud environment.
  3. Data security, governance and control across all of your environments that supports the evolving data landscape.
  4. Approaches to cultural change and upskilling for innovation across the organisation.

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