The Importance of Data Management in Digital Transformation

This week ACCESS hosted two Virtual Roundtables for 25 CIO’s in Malaysia. This was hosted by Marcus Loh – CTO – Cohesity on the below content.

Digital transformation (DX) is at the top of the strategic objectives list for most organizations, However, one key aspect of DX that is often overlooked and causes problems if not adequately prepared for, is the issue of data management. Before you can reap the benefits of your data – which is the core of DX – you need to have control over it first.

Today most enterprise data is scattered across multiple locations on-premise, in various clouds and backup systems.  It is trapped in infrastructure silos or buried in long-forgotten backups.  Often this data is dark and its time consuming or difficult to extract information. Copies of the same data exist across backup, test and dev and analytics making it inefficient. Further, this data continues to grow at an enormous rate if not doubling every few months.

So how do you take control of it? How do use backup for more than insurance? How do you extract more value from your organization’s data, optimize storage, streamline dev/test and ensure compliance?

This session was designed to share and learn with your peers and industry experts on some of the following topics:

  • Relevance and importance of Data Management to your Digital Transformation initiatives and enabling your business to derive competitive advantage 
  • Discussion on the key issues around data management including data collection, storage, coping with growth, data protection, and privacy, and management and use of data from the centre to the edge
  • Best practices in data management – based on a short interactive roundtable discussion format.

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