The Most Important Number! How many SaaS applications your organisation actually uses?

It was a pleasure to host some Sydney & Melbourne CIO Lunches. It was great to hear our speaker Nathan Stevens – Director Solution Consulting APAC – Snow Software discuss….

For Technology leaders, Knowing the answer to this question can help lower the risk, minimise software contract complexity and reduce costs from un-used or over licensed applications.

Instinctively, you might think, ‘of course we know how many SaaS applications we are using,’ but if you are not using modern methods to understand application use, there is a lot more you don’t know than do know.

We discussed:

How answering this question can help you identify risk, reduce application costs and remove complexity from redundant applications and multiple contracts.

The various methods available to discover SaaS application usage (for sanctioned, unsanctioned, free and hybrid applications) and the benefits of each method.
The inextricable relationship between SAM and FinOps and a framework for conceptualising cloud ROI.

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