“The only constant in cloud is change.”

We recently hosted a CIO Sydney and Melbourne Roundtable over lunch for STAX. Our lead Davinia Simon – Director – Stax started the open discussions on…

In today’s world, organizations are faced with the great resignation movement. If they’re not set up with the right IT team or automation, they’re going to be left behind. Skills migration can help businesses manage cloud and its rapid pace, ensuring staff are trained for the future of tech environments and thereby reducing resignation rates. In this session, we discuss how organizations can navigate through the challenges and tensions of a rapidly changing landscape, with a focus on skills gaps, skills migration and how to attract, and retain talent.

Our CIOs discussed:

  • What is holding organisations back from the cloud?
  • How do organisations take on the great change in human history and avoid being left behind?
  • How do you attract and retain talent?
  • How do you upskill existing talent?
  • How do you attract a 10x’er and help others become 10x?

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