The Role of Cloud Technologies as A Competitive Advantage, and How You Can Harness This For Your 2022 Strategy.

We have recently hosted a Perth Leaders Lunch for SAP on the below.

While COVID 19 has accelerated the digitization of businesses operations by four to ten years1, it has also demonstrated that a real competitive advantage is underpinned by the adoption of agile, cloud-based technologies. Some industries saw a 70% cost reduction2 just through adopting cloud-based automation.  

Join us for this lunch roundtable as SAP and Dyflex take you through some of the latest digital strategies that see companies gain an edge over their competitors. We will also discuss how organisations are using cloud technologies to:

  • Exponentially increase their growth potential 
  • Make better, more data-driven decisions
  • Configure business models to automate business-critical processes to meet current and future demand

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