The Role of Human Behaviour, Passwords and their Impact on The Cyber Security Posture.

We hosted a CIO & CISO Canberra Lunch for LogMeIn.

Remote work isn’t a trend anymore, but a new way for organisations to operate. Identity represents the “new perimeter” and there needs to be more urgency, focus, and prioritisation made toward meeting these risks by organisations. But what can be done to mitigate these risks where IT teams are coping with multiple devices, networks, locations, and ways of enabling employees to access professional applications?

We explore this topic and look at how organisations, both locally and globally, are addressing this challenge.

Group discussion points:

• How to protect the distributed workforce shaping the public sector?

• How to shift your organisation’s mindset to improve performance and behaviours towards cybersecurity

• Best practices and strategies to protect your employees and organisations from cyber-attacks.

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