The top insights of transformational leaders in 2020

We hosted some CIO Roundtable Breakfast sessions for Domo in Sydney, Melbourne and Singapore with the below content.

Being in the insights business, the year 2020 feels especially significant. A new decade, a reference to seeing the world through a sharper, crisper lens, and data being a prominent discussion from the boardroom to the field.

I don’t think anyone would argue that Digital Transformation (DX) was the hottest topic in the twenty tens, but now the sun has set on this digital decade, we’re faced with a common narrative: that companies around the world are still struggling with digital transformation, and in spite of the billions of dollars spent, the business value organisations were getting from these investment in DX hasn’t just been poor, it’s been getting worse.

In 2018, only 16% of companies rated their digital transformations as successful on the McKinsey Global Survey, compared to nearly 30% in recent years.

We discussed:

  • What will DX look like in the decade ahead?
  • What can we learn from transformational leaders who have seen success?
  • How can we de-risk DX using a data led approach to change management?
  • How can we tackle the challenge of extracting value from the vast amounts of data we have within our organisations?

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