“Transparency in Business Transformations.”

It was great to host a CFO Sydney Lunch on behalf of SAP and Deloitte. Our speaker Ira Winter – Finance Director – Abbott Medical kicked off the discussions with the below.

The topic of transparency in the transformation was specifically selected to allow discussion around the particular sensitivity of building a business case for transformation, challenges, and the journey to create success.

Building Trust: This year leading companies will work to build trust in three primary ways:

  • Increasing transparency – Becoming more transparent isn’t just a matter of changing a company’s overall approach or attitude toward openness. Transparency requires an underlying infrastructure. Data needs to be sensed and captured in the first place.
  • Expanding digital engagement – Half of the companies surveyed believe that consumers lose trust in brands that fail to engage with them in a personalized manner. CP brands are changing their go-to-market strategies to do just that. This change is needed in part because the consumer and their circumstances are changing.
  • Investing in the future of work – The centre of their future of work needs vision, humanizing work, and rallying around outcomes that inspire and energize. As they rearchitect the work itself and adapt the workplace—both physical and virtual—to better fit that work, they will likely be much better prepared to unleash the workforce and face challenges like today’s high attrition rates.

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