“Turning Noise into Intelligence: Automating Supply Chains to Streamline Global Supply Chains & Mitigate Risk.”

We recently ran a Melbourne and Singapore IDC Lead Roundtable on behalf of Kofax. Over the two lunches, our group of 38 leaders discussed….

As organizations face disruptions and increasing challenges across the supply chain, there is an accelerated need to build up capabilities that address complexity, resilience, and sustainability across an integrated ecosystem. New market entrants are enabling these capabilities sooner, escalating their competitive edge through technology. Organizations are adopting critical technologies such as cloud infrastructure, industrial automation and IoT platforms, and utilizing cloud-based workflow automation to integrate, automate, and increase visibility and agility to create supply chain resilience.

At this roundtable the discussion will address trends, challenges and priorities driving Australian organizations, how they are dealing with supply chain challenges such as geopolitical risk, inflationary pressures, diversification of supply, dealing with complexity, integration with supply chain partners, and increasing sustainability through intelligent automation.

Discussion topics:

  • What are your organization’s biggest challenges with respect to mitigating risk, achieving operational excellence and resilience 
  • Closing skills and talent gaps with automation. Which business areas have the greatest need?
  • Scaling data for ESG/sustainability initiatives and reporting. What strategies are in place in your organization?
  • Integrating and automating a supply chain digital thread in your organization and between supply chain partners.

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