“Unlocking the Future of Fulfillment – Navigating the Changing Landscape of Warehousing and Fulfillment.”

Infor and IDC took us on a journey discussing the below in Singapore and Bangkok.

ASEAN supply chain organizations are modernizing their technology to increase visibility and agility, promoting resilience and efficiency. However, attracting and retaining digital talent with the necessary skills to manage complex systems remains a challenge. To address this, many are integrating systems to automate processes, mitigate service failures, and increase productivity. IDC’s 2023 Supply Chain Survey found that respondents from Thailand prioritize warehouse capacity, increased use of information for decision automation, and integration of warehouse, transportation, and planning tools to mitigate warehouse and inventory issues. Warehouses in the region are navigating the changing landscape by embracing automation in inventory management workflows to improve productivity while balancing resilience and efficiency during economic uncertainty.

We explored the challenges and opportunities of modernizing supply chain technology and embracing automation in the Asia/Pacific region.

  • Uncover the priorities, opportunities, and challenges faced by Asia/Pacific supply chain participants in the areas of cost reduction, waste elimination, the driving of efficiency, improving product compliance, quality, and safety, and responding more quickly to supply disruptions or changes. 
  • Learn how supply chain organizations in the region are navigating the changing landscape of warehousing and fulfilment and the challenges associated with attracting and retaining talent with the necessary digital skills to implement, manage and operate complex systems. 
  • Identify how changes to business models provide opportunities for new revenue streams, and how additional capabilities such as direct-to-consumer, ship-from-store, micro-fulfilment centres require support through automation and flexible systems.

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