Waiting For All Systems Go in Digital Transformation? Here’s Why You Might Be Missing Out…

It was a pleasure to work with Twilio on a Hong Kong Sydney, Melbourne, Manila, Bangkok, Singapore, and Malaysia discussing….

A risky idea has taken over the business world: the idea that digital transformation should be an enormous undertaking. It’s a fully planned endeavour, orchestrated over time and launched all at once, on a specific deadline, usually years in the future.

But do any of us really know what the future holds?

We’re here to show you how some of the most successful digital transformations were built over time, through a series of smaller, more immediate changes at the heart of the comms infrastructure, which helped organisations see results faster.

Some of the greatest digital transformations were built piece by piece… an approach that has allowed organisations to really take off and adapt their transformation plans to a changing world.

During lunch, we shall discuss:

  • According to research, nearly 69% of business leaders are increasing their investment in personalization despite economic headwinds. How do you think businesses are managing to prioritize personalization even in challenging times?
  • According to research, 39% of businesses struggle with implementing personalization technology effectively. What are some common roadblocks these businesses face, and how can they address?
  • Technology plays a crucial role in enabling personalization. How can businesses leverage technology effectively to personalize customer experiences without overwhelming resources or creating disruptions?

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