“What does it take to be Ransomware ready?”

It was a pleasure to host a CIO & CISO Melbourne Lunch on behalf of Veritas. Our lead Geoffrey ColeyRegional CTO – Veritas open up the discussions with….

If your organisation suffered a ransomware attack today, how confident are you that your business could recover quickly? Could you ignore the ransom?

It’s widely accepted that dealing with a ransomware attack is inevitable. In 2021, attacks rose exponentially – taking place every 30 seconds. At the same time, as a result of the pandemic, organisations have dramatically accelerated their digital transformation. 88% of Australian organisations have gone over and above their cloud roll-out plans, costs have multiplied and IT complexity has grown exponentially. This mean security measures have struggled to keep up and there is a lack of clarity around what needs protecting. This is leaving the door open to risks, such as ransomware.

We discussed:

·         How Security and IT leaders are dealing with this critical issue on a daily basis

·         Experiences around response and recovery

·         Best practises for Cyber Response Plans – people, processes and technology.

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