What happens when you encounter the Unknown?

Deep Instinct have run the below content with ACCESS over 6 lunch Roundtables in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

With the perpetual increase in the volume and velocity of threats and new attack vectors in the wild today, it’s no wonder prevention has taken a back seat to detection and response.  Solutions that can prevent a known attack or breach remain available but rely on previous knowledge and examples. Legacy technologies cannot anticipate tomorrow’s attack. The costs and damages associated with each detected breach persist after clean up and disclosure.

Does intelligence capable of predicting and classifying the unknown exist and how can it be applied to provide meaningfully different results?

Deep dive into Deep Learning

Join Deep Instinct at this event as we share our insights on The Deep Learning Revolution and benefits of this technology as applied to cybersecurity. Including how this intelligence has been harnessed to protect users, devices and work flows in real time from the latest attacks. And how Agentless Deep Learning prevention integrates into an existing security stack.

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