“Why Digital Customer Experience is the Competitive Advantage for Asian Brands in 2023.”

Fullstory hosted a Singapore and Jakarta Executive Dinner discussing….

User experience has become an increasingly important currency for Asia businesses.

Deliver a great user experience, and you’ll have raving fans. Deliver a sub-par experience, and your customers might leave for the competition. And these user expectations are evolving faster than ever, increasingly shifting across multiple channels from web to mobile.

New technology, more competition in your field, shifting macroeconomic conditions and heightened expectations mean that understanding your current and future customers’ digital experience preferences presents some high-risk challenges — and high-growth opportunities — for every digital vendor.

So how do you create amazing digital experiences to ensure customer delight—and, ultimately, revenue? Every user has a story, and old, tag-based analytics tools only give you a tiny slice of that story. As memory and compute costs go down, brands should demand more insights and perfect recall of the critical moments in every user’s story—eliminating guesswork so you know exactly how to deliver the most perfect digital experience today, and into the future.

Over dinner we discussed:

  • From omnichannel expectations to, trust, transparency and privacy by default – what are the digital customer experience trends for 2023?
  • What do we mean by user experience and how do you understand where you are doing well and where you are falling short?
  • How can you unify the many internal teams who own digital experience to ensure data-driven decision-making?
  • How does combining quantitative and qualitative analytics can help your teams eliminate digital journey blind spots?
  • Which pioneering digital experience brands in the Asia Pacific leading the way in improving conversions, reducing friction & frustration to retain and win new revenue?

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