“Why digital transformations fail – Critical Success Factors for Digital Transformation.”

It was great to host a CIO & CTO Lunch in Bangkok on behalf of Thoughworks discussing….

The biggest challenge leaders face today is how to enable their enterprises to keep up with the fast pace of change in the external environment. Technology-driven disruptions, especially in today’s Digital Age, have made Digital Transformation initiatives an imperative for enterprises, regardless of industry and size.

However, the number of successful Digital Transformation initiatives seems to be far few. One of the key reasons is that the breadth and depth of change are often underestimated. For the transformation to result in achieving meaningful outcomes for the business, enterprises need to have a high level of agility, which requires foundational shifts across the breadth and depth of the enterprise. Not only does the IT function need to deal with the fast churn in the technology landscape, but transformation also requires major changes to ways of working, structure, and, most importantly, a shift in mindsets and the culture of the organization.

We discussed:

·         The key factors which reduce an enterprise’s ability to deal with change

·         Characteristics that differentiate enterprises successfully dealing with fast-paced change as opposed to those which are struggling to deal with change in the Digital Era

·         The pillars of Modern Digital Businesses

·         The core capabilities underlying Enterprise Agility

·         The critical factors for successful Digital Transformation initiatives

·         Implications for leaders to scale and sustain a high level of agility at the enterprise level

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