Workload Performance and Visibility

We had the pleasure to host four Virtual Roundtables for Harbour IT and Cisco over the past week. The discussions during these sessions between the hosts and the CIO’s were in full flow on the below content.

Applications are everywhere and are key to business success. They are the foundation for digital transformation, essential for providing a competitive advantage and are the key interface between your business and your customers. In the current technology landscape, application and infrastructure complexity is exploding with workloads becoming distributed, whilst inheriting more dependencies and unpredictable demands. This can lead to poor application and infrastructure performance that can impact business outcomes. The need to optimise and manage based on real-time visibility and insight across the complete stack becomes a real requirement. What if have you could have complete visibility in real-time, along with a system that can optimise automatically based on application and infrastructure demands.

During this virtual session Harbour IT and Cisco discussed:

  • The current application and infrastructure landscape and associated challenges in the current era and beyond
  • The impacts of poor performing applications and infrastructure
  • How to breakdown the silos and gain complete visibility and insight into your applications and infrastructure
  • Full-stack visibility and why it matters
  • Providing continuous application & infrastructure performance with real-time insights
  • How to simplify day to day operations and stay in control

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