Zeroing-in to Zero Trust Security

This week ACCESS hosted a Virtual Roundtable for Check Point with 21 CISO’s and CIO’s from across Dehli and Mumbai, India. Our moderator Gary Gardiner – Head of Security Engineering APAC kept the session moving forward discussing the below.

Zero Trust is no longer just a concept. Over 52% of organizations have already started redesigning their security infrastructures based on the Zero Trust Security model, with 18% planning to start in the coming year. However, keeping your business data protected in a “perimeter everywhere” environment requires more than just a “patchwork” security architecture.

  • As evidence, 34% of cyber-attacks in 2018 were perpetrated by insiders
  • As unknown threats account for 57% of malicious files reaching organizations, according to Check Point Research, an ounce of pre-emptive controls is worth a pound of cure.
  • More than 30,103 new coronavirus-related domains were registered, of which 0.4% (131) were malicious and 9% (2,777) were suspicious and under investigation. This means over 51,000 of coronavirus-related domains in total have been registered since January 2020.

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